Workshop Schedule

After a year’s worth of informative and meaningful workshops, the Ready to Grow workshop initiative has closed. Big, big thanks to all workshop presenters — and all who attended these sessions. And huge thanks to Wells Fargo for making the entire Ready to Grow effort possible.

DateWorkshop Title Speaker Name
November 9, 2021Owning Your Numbers: Nonprofit Financial SustainabilityDavid Greco, Social Sector Partners
December 7, 2021Equity, Full Cost, and ImpactDavid Greco, Social Sector Partners
January 13, 2022Fully Loaded BudgetingAmber Sheikh, Sheikh/Impact
February 11, 2022Fast Pitch Social Justice Partners LA
March 16, 2022Fund Development 101Amber Sheikh, Sheikh/Impact
April 6, 2022Reclaiming Meaningful GrowthBlue Garnet
April 20, 2022Building on Organizational Strengths for Resilience and SustainabilityBlue Garnet
May 26, 2022Extending Your Mission & Budget: Rethinking Volunteer EngagementDr. Sue Carter Kahl, Sue Carter Kahl Consulting
June 8, 2022How to Leverage Data & Analytics to Build a Meaningful Social Media StrategyDana Snyder, Positive Equation
July 20, 2022Advancing Narratives for Bridging and BelongingOthering & Belonging Institute, UC Berkeley
July 29, 2022Developing Effective Business Models for SustainabilityBoston Consulting Group
August 29, 2022Liberatory Workplaces Social Justice Partners LA
September 29, 2022Understanding Social Identity & Cultural Awareness to Enhance Organization & Personal EffectivenessIncludeMe LLC
October 13, 2022Talent & Professional Development: Connecting Talent & SustainabilitySherry Benjamins, Sherry Benjamins Consulting and Stacy Brooks, OneOC
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