Workshop Schedule

Listed below are the scheduled and planned workshops in the Ready to Grow series.

DateWorkshop Title Speaker NameRegister
November 9, 2021Owning Your Numbers: Nonprofit Financial SustainabilityDavid Greco, Social Sector Partners
December 7, 2021Equity, Full Cost, and ImpactDavid Greco, Social Sector Partners
January 13, 2022Fully Loaded BudgetingAmber Sheikh, Sheikh/Impact
February 11, 2022Fast Pitch Social Justice Partners LA
March 16, 2022Fund Development 101Amber Sheikh, Sheikh/Impact
April 6, 2022Reclaiming Meaningful GrowthBlue Garnet
April 20, 2022Building on Organizational Strengths for Resilience and SustainabilityBlue Garnet
May 26, 2022Extending Your Mission & Budget: Rethinking Volunteer EngagementDr. Sue Carter Kahl, Sue Carter Kahl Consulting
June 8, 2022How to Leverage Data & Analytics to Build a Meaningful Social Media StrategyDana Snyder, Positive Equation
July 20, 2022Advancing Narratives for Bridging and BelongingOthering & Belonging Institute, UC Berkeley
July 29, 2022Developing Effective Business Models for SustainabilityBoston Consulting Group
August 29, 2022Liberatory Workplaces Social Justice Partners LA
September 29, 2022Understanding Social Identity & Cultural Awareness to Enhance Organization & Personal EffectivenessIncludeMe LLC
October 13, 2022Talent & Professional Development: Connecting Talent & SustainabilitySherry Benjamins, Sherry Benjamins Consulting and Stacy Brooks, OneOC Register Now

Talent & Professional Development:
Connecting Talent & Sustainability

October 13, 2022 from 9:00 – 11:00AM PST

Speakers: Stacy Brooks, Director of HR & Administration, OneOC and Sherry Benjamins, President, Sherry Benjamins Consulting

In an ever-evolving workforce, the number one asset of all organizations continues to be its people. LinkedIn’s recent learning report revealed that 94% of employees said that they would stay at their organization longer if they invested in their professional development. In this workshop, we will provide insights into the future of work and what successful nonprofits of the future will be doing with their talent.

Join us to learn about the importance of connecting your organizational strategy with your people strategy to achieve organizational success. We will provide an overview of how to establish a learning culture in your organization as well as practical tools for developing your current and future workforce.

This interactive, virtual session is designed to have you walk away with new perspectives on talent development and how it connects to sustaining and growing your people for business. You will learn the difference between training and developing people and walk away with tools to help you take the first steps in developing your talent. We will also share insights from nonprofit leaders who are early in the talent development journey.