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Welcome to the Ready to Grow blog. Each month, we’ll post our ideas on sustainability, leadership, and inclusion in the nonprofit sector, and much more, as we continue to meet and discuss these issues as peers.

From left to right, Roberto Herrera, Iosefa Alofaituli, Georgina Maldonado, and Ernesta Wright speak at the March 2022 Ready to Grow Peer Learning & Coaching Cohort session.

Journeying and Learning: A Powerful Conversation with Nonprofit Leaders

In mid-March, our Ready to Grow cohort of nonprofit leaders met in-person for the first time since the cohort’s January launch. And it felt so great to gather together in the same room as three-dimensional humans, outside of our small Zoom boxes. Here, we share the wisdom of our panelists with you – in the hope that their words and encouragement can inspire your journey as a leader, just as they inspired our cohort participants. Keep reading!

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Small Nonprofits, Big Challenges

The Ready to Grow Peer Learning & Coaching Cohort specifically focuses on small nonprofits primarily led by people of color. From January through August of this year, our 25 Cohort participants will be meeting monthly to focus on capacity-building and growth, and the challenges of meeting community needs. The goal of this Cohort is to increase the stability, effectiveness, and resilience of nonprofits and their leaders. Here’s what we know so far from our small nonprofits.

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Disproportionately Affected

This month, we want to talk about the significant challenges faced by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) nonprofit leaders, especially those focused on difficult social justice issues. This topic is on our mind as we get ready to launch the Ready to Grow Peer Learning & Coaching Cohort, a cohort comprised of 25 BIPOC-led and serving nonprofits with revenues around or less than $1M.

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